Emler Swim School

Award-winning Emler Swim School has been teaching children to swim for more than 40 years. Founder Jan Emler developed the preeminent swim school in the country, responsible for not only defining the importance of swim lessons, but also teaching hundreds of thousands of children to swim as well.

Emler firmly believes every child has the ability to swim. They’ve had a success rate of 99%. That only happens through a proven, ever-evolving curriculum, continuously trained staff and a passion to nurture children.

With twelve locations in Texas and Kansas, Emler doesn’t just teach swim lessons, they teach your child to swim – guaranteed. It’s that guarantee that differentiates Emler from competitors. They sought our assistance to tease this emotionally-relevant message to the top.

Services We Delivered

Unique Value Proposition
Strategic Planning
Print + Digital Creative
Media Planning + Placement
Social Media Analysis

99% success rate teaching children to swim.

Our first charge was to develop Emler’s messaging, positioning and their unique value proposition (UVP). Through our THIRST® process we were able to emotionally differentiate them in the marketplace.

We developed an ad campaign that highlights what parents are buying – a child who is confident around the water.

While all of their competitors use photographs of children and parents at the swim school, we wanted to show kids outside of that safe environment. Focusing on swimmers at the lake, ocean or community pool not only differentiates Emler, but also more accurately conveys the idea of confidence – “Emler Sure.”

Since the launch of the new campaign,
we have reduced Emler’s digital year-over-year cost per lead
by 74% with 1/3 of the budget!

“I trust your experience. This is what you do. Bring me a child who cannot do a back float – that’s my expertise. But doing what’s best for us is your expertise. I trust you.”

Jan Emler, Emler Swim Schools

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