Melissa Vega

Brand Strategist + Cartographer

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Melissa is the epitome of “those who wander are not always lost.” She will boldly go (sorry Deb, split infinitive) anywhere she hasn’t been. She loves road trips, especially when they take her to the mountains, where all is right in the world for our Cartographer. And uncoincidentally, she’s an App State grad. All the miles she’s logged have prepared her to be an expert at finding the best route for her clients’ brands. They can rest easy behind the wheel knowing Melissa’s riding shotgun. When it comes to M&M’s, she says, “Peanut butter. But if up against Reese’s Pieces, they don’t stand a chance. (Did I just commit a crime?)” Yes you did, but we’ll let it slide.  |  919.677.9555 ext. 19

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